Result-oriented approach

Enthusiastic, motivated employees are of great importance for every organization. Thanks to years of experience, we at The Blue Chips understand and focus on delivering this. We have years of experience in the Oil & Energy, Maritime industry, Chemical and Technical industry, Life Sciences, High Tech, Technical services and Logistics and Transport services. As a result, we are able to value the technical qualities of specialists. In addition to selection on the “hard” criteria, we also pay a lot of attention to the personal qualities of employees. Through personal conversations, personality tests and, if desired, role playing, we can give you a reliable picture of the “performance” of applicants in advance. Our candidates appear well prepared and optimally motivated. But also afterwards, we have a role to play. We keep in touch with your new colleague and yourself. Evaluation, possible adjustments and feedback to both parties are evident to us and form an integral part of our services. We also keep on learning.

In this way you are assured of careful pre-selection and a pleasant start, which will lead to the right professional in the right place.

The most important thing is that you can hand over the entire pre-selection, so that you are brought into contact with the right professional in the short term. The working method of The Blue Chips is transparent and proactive. On the basis of an inventory interview, clear agreements are made with you about the fulfillment of your needs. The Blue Chips recruits and selects the right candidates in steps and discusses the results achieved with you. This way you are fully informed during the process. After the introductory meetings you can expect reliable advice from The Blue Chips. This will enable you to make a responsible choice. After all, your interests are at the basis of the success to be achieved: the right employment relationship!

All this for a fee that we consider competitive. Any additional costs will be charged separately.