The Blue Chips Executive Recruitment.

We are The Blue Chips Executive Recruitment.

We are an independent organization with offices in the Netherlands and Switzerland and have forty years of experience in recruitment, selection and HR. We are internationally active for both permanent and interim appointments for positions in the technology, industry, health, security and transport & logistics sectors.

Our team is characterized by personal dedication and knowledge of the industry. Every assignment is unique for us. We focus on the fit of the candidate with the client. That is why we attach great importance to knowing the culture and structure of your organization. Our result-oriented and transparent working method allows you to get to know the right candidate or employer within the agreed period.

Because we have hands on experience in the aviation, health-care, technology and logistics industrial sectors, we can quickly get to understand your practical and organizational requirements in the selection and appointment of new team members and leaders.

We find and match professionals who are ready for a new working environment at senior or executive level with the dedication such positions require.

The Blue Chips focuses on the following areas:

  • General management
  • Team Leaders
  • Senior Technical Staff
  • Sales, Marketing and Communication Positions
  • Transport & Logistics staff
  • Health Care & Life sciences
  • Maintenance & Service
  • Interim management

The Blue Chips takes care of the entire process of recruiting, selecting and introducing your new employee(s).

The Blue Chips provides guidance to a (new) job for starting and experienced higher educated professionals.